REBEL8 Eighters Snapback Lippis (Eighters Snapback) 36.29€  by

REBEL8 Eighters Snapback Lippis by

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36.29€ REBEL8 Eighters Snapback Lippis by

REBEL8 Eighters Snapback Lippis

Black twill snapback with direct embroideries 

100% Cotton

Made in USA

This product is part of our Heavy Hitters collection.

The idea behind the Heavy Hitters collection first began with a simple yet fun question. What would it look like if REBEL8 was an actual baseball team? We continued to ask ourselves, what would we be called? Eighters. What would be our team colors? Black, of course. What would our jerseys look like? Fucking awesome.

Although this concept is mere fiction, we still couldn’t seem to escape who we are in real life. We are the Eighters. We are social misfits, degenerates, and unapologetic in our distaste for authority. This collection showcases our trademark attitude through select clothing and collaborative pieces with Rawlings and Louisville Slugger.

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